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X-Ray and Lab Testing

At BackFit Health + Spine of O’Fallon, IL, we specialize in providing the best in physical medicine and natural pain management. To do so, we know the first important steps are analyzing and diagnosing your pain and injuries.

Our focus is on providing the best of traditional medical testing along with cutting-edge nerve studies and blood analysis of your condition. We use some of the most advanced tests in medicine today. One example of the cutting-edge tests is the AIMS diagnostic allergy and environmental sensitivity test. This test evaluates where chronic inflammation and stress affect our patients.


Services Done Onsite

  • X-Rays: We use the lowest amount of radiation with our diagnostic x-rays. Our team utilizes these tests to assess not only injuries to the spine but also to the extremities.
  • Allergy and Immune Response Testing (AIMS): We use the latest blood testing techniques to determine allergic reactions present in our patients.
  • Functional and Performance Testing: To assess the full extent of a spinal injury, our team conducts a series of exams and tests to measure the level of physical impairment. These tests allow us to evaluate the level of impairment and injury fully.
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